The Situation Room – Kudos to bikers and Ashton Kutcher for standing with Xander Rose

Mac Olsen,
Editor, Smoky River Express

A Nova Scotia resident, 10-year-old Xander Rose, must be feeling very happy for the support he’s receiving from bikers following the bullying he has endured.

The source of the bullying was due to the “biker” clothing Rose has been known to wear. Many students at school have made fun of him for it.

But he has also been subject to racial slurs and sexual comments, according to his mother.

“It’s been crazy. He’s gotten jumped on the bus, clothing ripped off his back. He’s been told to go die in a hole,” Katie Laybolt said in a story found at

Xander has offered his thoughts about what he’s had to endure.

“People make bad comments about my weight, my look, my clothes,” he told CTV Atlantic. “It’s not a good year.”

However, this incident has drawn the attention of local bikers, who have united with him.

“I’m hoping he knows, from now on, if somebody bullies him, he’s got somebody to go to,” Mike Basso said.
“He can look on the corner on any street. He’s going to find a leather vest. He’s now one of our brothers.”

One day, a group of bikers escorted Xander to school, and he has ridden with them too. Actor Ashton Kutcher has highlighted the boy’s case on his Facebook page, too.

“Take note, bullies everywhere,” he said.

Kutcher received over 2,000 likes for his message, said

Also, I’ve seen the video about Rose and the bikers that has appeared on Facebook, demonstrating their stand against bullying.

It’s certainly a sincere and powerful message against those who wrongfully and viciously target children for the identifications and associations they embrace.

If I had direct contact with Xander, dressed in “biker” apparel, I certainly would never have automatically assumed that he embraces a “biker gang” mentality.

That would be blantantly wrong and immoral. I would take any bully to task over it.

While covering the Honey Festival parade in Falher on June 17, a gentleman and a little boy were riding motorcycles together and they were wearing “biker” clothing.

I thought it was great to see the little boy participating in the parade like that. If anyone were to treat him the way Xander was treated, I would certainly come to his defence.

And I see bikers, dressed in their attire, going up and down the roads and highways in the region every spring and summer.

I see them participating in an activity and lifestyle that is enduring to them – and they do not deserve scorn for it.

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t be wary of biker gangs involved in criminal activity and violence. They are to be monitored and, when necessary, charged, convicted and imprisoned for the harm they do to society.

But for Xander Rose and those who love to ride motorcycles and wear the attire, we must not condone the bullying that goes on and stand up to it.

Kudos and a shout-out to the bikers and Kutcher for standing up for Xander Rose.

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