Kimiwan Bird Walk Interpretive Centre had a busy opening day on May 27

A resident of Kimiwan Lake Bird Sanctuary, Sunday May 28.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Kimiwan Birdwalk Interpretive Centre located on Highway 2 in McLennan opened for the 2017 season on Monday May 27 and according to centre employee Megan McNeil, it was a busy opening day.

The Birdwalk centre will open only on weekends until July 1, when the season formally begins with the annual flag raising ceremony.

Usually, the flag raising is celebrated with coffee and cake but this year being Canada 150, the Birdwalk is planning something extra such as also serving hamburgers or hotdogs to mark the occasion.

In excess of 1000 people visit the interpretive centre each season with many more just heading directly to the birdwalk to enjoy a leisurely walk and observe waterfowl and other birds in the area.

However, visiting the interpretive centre certainly adds to the experience, as the centre can provide pertinent information regarding the species of birds that make their habitat in sanctuary or people can borrow binoculars to enhance their chances of bird sightings.

It is also important to listen closely to recognize the presence of shyer species that tend to be less visible.

The Kimiwan Birdwalk will offer its free kids program again this year through July and August when parents can drop off their children at 1pm and pick them up at 3pm.

The kid’s Program offers outdoor games and crafts and an opportunity for the kids to go bird watching.

The program is available regardless of the weather as activities take place indoors if it happens to rain.

The centre is open from May to the end of August and closes the season with its annual end-of-season barbeque.

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