Kids try their hand in bark carving

Julie Vance and Tanner Fiddler put their skills to work in bark carving.

Katrina Owens

Local kids had the chance to dabble in bark carving and painting last week at the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council’s (RAC) Kid’s Art Days.

“We were pretty disappointed that we weren’t able to host our usual YOUNG@ART summer camps this year, so we’re happy we were at least able to pull together a few day workshops for the kids,” says RAC secretary Megan McNeil.
“Planning a camp takes a lot of work and we don’t have that big of a board. We’re pleased with what we put together and the volunteers we brought in.”

McNeil and board wrangled local artist Aerin Gauthier and bark carving guru Mary Kupsch to teach the campers a few tricks of the trade.

“Ultimately the kids will get to bring four projects home with them after everything is done,” says McNeil. “During the first day they will get to do make two ‘intro’ projects and then on the second day of camp the instructors will be stepping it up.”

For those who don’t know, RAC recently underwent a re-branding, as it were, and the small group is supposedly trying to diversity its programming.

“We created a brand new strategic plan with a bunch of new goals,” says McNeil. “We will still be offering affordable arts programming for the community but want to branch out with what we do. So far this year we’ve been more involved in the community with Riverboat Daze and the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce annual trade show.”

McNeil adds, “It’s been great! We’ve been busy; we’re always looking for volunteers to help and we need active directors and board members. Soon enough we will be starting up our fall ladies craft nights along with cooking classes, poetry readings, photography workshops, and knitting – there is so much more on our list of ideas.”

If you’re interested in joining RAC or have an idea for a workshop, McNeil says reach out to RAC on its Facebook page, https://www

Local artist Aerin Gauthier instructs a group of interested kids.

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