Kids get behind the hack in junior curling

Above, Alain Blanchette explains how the game of curling works. Blanchette plans to take his junior curlers to High Prairie to play against their teams and then invite them to Falher for some games.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

They don’t quite have the grace of sending the rock to the bulls-eye at the other end of the rink, but they’re practicing to get better.

The Falher Curling Club is hosting their junior program on Tuesday nights and organizer and Coach Alain Blanchette hopes they take the sport with them into adulthood.

“This is a life sport from a young age,” says Blanchette.

“This is something they can do as a family and competitively. We’re very pleased with the turnout. It’s a positive thing for the club, especially for future members.”

The other coaches working with Blanchette are his wife, Kristen Blanchette, as well as Derrick Brochu and Luc Blanchette.

The program began last November with instruction in the basics of the game. Soon, these young players will be forming teams and participating in round robin play.

Blanchette’s intent is to have his group travel to High Prairie to play against their youth teams. Then the High Prairie teams will be invited to Falher for the same event.

The junior program will finish at the end of March.

Above, Coach Ryan Dumont instructs Tristen Hausler in how to throw the rock.
Above, Mathew Girard (left) discusses strategy with Cameron Henley.
Above, left-right, are Ephraim Marschner and Derrick Brochu making their way down the rink.
Above, Kaiden Tardif makes her shot with perfect balance.
Above, Anyka Desaulniers and Derrick bring the rock home.


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