KEYBOARD COMMANDO – Congratulations to École Héritage for their provincial volleyball win

It’s not every day that a school in a rural community wins a high-profile provincial sports title, but the Ecole Heritage Lynx senior boys’ volleyball team pulled it off on Nov. 28.
The school hosted the the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s 1A Boys Volleyball Championship during Nov. 26-28, with nine other teams from around the province competing for the title.
I became impressed with the scale of the event on Nov. 26, when the school hosted the opening ceremony. The gym filled very quickly with dignitaries and the 10 teams.
The school spirit was evident as the local team entered the gym to cheers. Even the mascot got into the act, offering high-fives to each player as they entered. So I knew everybody was “pumped” for the event.
I had only gotten an inkling of the Lynx performance through the photos which Principal Nicole Walisser was sending on an almost weekly basis, regarding their tournament and zone wins. That should have been a pretty good indication to me that they were on track to be very competitive in the ASAA championship.
But it was only when I saw some of the round robin games, that I knew volleyball fans were in for some outstanding action, including from the local team.
The Lynx had some pretty tough competition, including the Living Waters Christian Academy Warriors from Spruce Grove, and the Ecole Mallaig Stingers. Both teams showed their spirit and agility with the ball.
Nonetheless, the Lynx earned their spot in the championship game on Nov. 28 to face the Warriors.
Things didn’t look promising for the Lynx at the start of the first set, as the Warriors took a commanding lead. But the Lynx fought back and evened the score, then went toe-to-toe with the Warriors for every point. And Lynx fans certainly had something to cheer as their team won the first set 27-25.
Yet, the Lynx couldn’t become complacent, as the Warriors once again took a strong lead in the second set.
Tension mounted again, as the officials stopped play several times to discuss calls and plays. You could see and feel the pressure from both teams as the game continued.
But as the Lynx took the lead again and it appeared they were going to win, I suddenly realized that I had to contemplate getting that “Kodak Moment.”
Right on cue, my lens focused on the Lynx team when they acquired their final point to win the game 25-22. They and the coaches were filled with emotion and hugged each other as the reality of their victory set in.
This is something the team and the coaching staff should remember for the rest of their lives. They deserve praise for winning the championship.
Congratulations to the team and the coaches on an outstanding championship – and to the school for hosting such a big event.
Also, congratulations to the Warriors. They demonstrated their agility and competitiveness, not just during the championship game, but throughout the event.

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