Keyboard Commando – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs a metaphorical face slap

Mac Olsen
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, aka Pretty Boy, just doesn’t know how to keep his foot out of his mouth.

Now, he’s targeting Alberta’s oil sands, saying that it’s necessary to “phase them out.” He made his remarks at a townhall meeting in Peterborough, Ontario on January 13.

“We can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out. We need to manage the transition off of our dependence on fossil fuels, but it’s going to take time and in the meantime we have to manage that transition.”

Excuse me, Pretty Boy! But what gives you the right to dictate when and how Alberta’s natural resources are going to be “phased out?” What gives you the right to say to the petroleum companies, workers and community of Fort McMurray that their way of life will go out of existence?

Your remarks are an absolute insult to the people and energy industry of Alberta. You’ve put your foot in your mouth again! It’s a habit you can’t seem to break.

In case you weren’t aware, Alberta’s natural resources belong to Albertans and the Alberta government – not the federal government!

And if the federal government were to try to impose a mandate to “phase out” the oil sands, I can see the Alberta government launching a constitutional challenge. (But not under the current NDP government. Rather, a conservative/right-wing government that will truly stand up for Alberta’s natural resources. That’s a debate for another time.)

What the Prime Minister needs is a good metaphorical slap across the face for his latest outrage. Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, he’s the person who can give that metaphorical slap, to put him in his place.

Last year, I said that I wanted Trump to lead the charge against the “climate change” agenda of the left-wing movements across the globe. That includes Pretty Boy and his government, as well as the Alberta government.

This would be Trump’s opportunity to say that he endorses Alberta’s oil sands energy sector, especially given that he wants to make the USA less dependent on foreign oil. It would be nice to hear Trump say that he welcomes our oil sands energy sector and rebukes and humiliates Pretty Boy for his remarks.

Oh, and just because Pretty Boy’s government endorsed the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline to B.C., he’s still no friend of the energy sector. This is especially true because he denied the Northern Gateway pipeline to be built to Prince Rupert, B.C. And he certainly won’t endorse a revival of the Keystone XL pipeline plan to the US.

Moreover, if you think he’ll stop with the oil sands energy sector, think again. Watch him go after the petroleum industry off the Atlantic coast.

For Pretty Boy, it’s not just about the “phase out” of Alberta’s oil sands.

It’s about imposing a left-wing/tree hugger agenda on a province natural resource sector and we have to stand up and oppose it.

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