KEYBOARD COMMANDO – I don’t do the ‘Holiday Tree’, it’s the Christmas Tree and nothing else

by Mac Olsen

Political correctness only goes so far with me – and when it comes to Christmas and all the significance it entails to me as a Christian, that’s where I draw the line.
There’s no such thing as the “Holiday Tree.” It’s the Christmas Tree to me, and I’m not ashamed to say “Merry Christmas!” either.
Moreover, it’s always pleasant to see Nativity scenes at churches and municipal offices, as well as students performing this most holy event as part of their Christmas concerts.
Besides covering the school Christmas concerts, I enjoy the Christmas Eve service at the Baptist Church in Peace River and I plan to attend again this year.
Yes, there are some who choose not to celebrate Christmas, including atheists, and that is their prerogative. I respect their choice, but I expect them to respect my choice, too.
Live and let live, as the old saying goes.
Why should any of this matter? Why not just present a positive Christmas message in the spirit of the season.
Well, it seems there’s a gradual erosion of Christian principles at work in the world. For instance, I remember a time when bible reading was provided over the PA system in public elementary schools.
The bible reading didn’t have a significant impact on me at that age, as I didn’t attend church on a regular basis or become a devout Christian.
Nonetheless, over time, I came to see the significance of bible readings and teachings, and I lament that it isn’t provided in public elementary schools anymore.
I don’t think it’s enough to have the morning announcements and ‘O Canada’ played over the PA system. A spiritual connection should be given to the students, and the bible reading would do that.
Returning to the issue of political correctness regarding Christmas, Starbucks got itself in hot water in November over the design of its holiday cups. Instead of snowflakes, reindeer and Christmas ornaments, the cups were offered only in bright red or dark cranberry.
If you look at the news media and social media coverage, people were either stomping up and down denouncing the cups for their political correctness, or they were saying, so what?
In the overall scheme of things, yeah, it’s a non-issue for me. I don’t use the company’s holiday cups when I buy coffee from them. I use my own mug.
However, I can see the flipside of the controversy and I wonder if this is an attempt to incorporate political correctness into the Christmas holiday?
Is Starbucks simply trying to cater to a group of people who would be “offended” by their Christmas packaging?
If that is the case, the company is wrong and should use the cups it had before.
I see it as another erosion of the meaning of Christmas and Christian principles.
So, as Christmas arrives, I will not stoop to political correctness. It will be ‘Merry Christmas!’ and the Christmas tree for me.
Now and always. Past, present and future.
And let us return to those principles, too.

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