July 5th 2018, Falher Provincial Court Docket

Lexi Whitney: 18 counts of failure to comply with conditions, 2 counts traffic control, 1 breach of condition, 2 possession for the purpose of traffic, 2 possession of substance, 2 obstruction/resisting arrest , 1 failure to attend. Next court apperance Monday July 9, 2018 Peace River Court House .

Ashlyn Gardiner pleaded guilty to threats, unlawfully in dwelling and failure to comply – one year probation and $300 fine. She pleaded not guilty to assault charge – trial date set for December 6th , 2018.

Dion Mitchell, breach of probation, warrant issued.

Remi Jules Tardif, exceed maximum speed, trial set for October 4 2018.

George Marvin Beaver, mischief-property, court set for October 4, 2018.

Jeffery Joseph Burback, failure to appear, unauthorized possession. Pled not guilty next court date is October 4th 2018

Jamie Lavis, impaired driving, driving over .08, intent/avoid arrest, resisting a peace officer, operating unregistered vehicle, unlawful use of license , driving motor vehicle while – court October 23, 2018 in High Prairie.

Remi Jules Tardif, exceeding maximum speed, pleaded not guilty, court October 4th 2018.

Triple G. Trucking Ltd. – owner of vehicle involved in .. pleads not guilty – trial October 4th 2018.

Dallas Gagne, impaired driving, driving over .08 – court date December 6th 2018

Robin Erin Johnson, use of forged documents, possession of stolen property, trial August 2 2018.

Eugene L’Hirondelle pointing a firearm, trial August 2 2018.

Sydney Laboucan, sexual assault, sentencing October 15.

Walter Kard, exceeding max speed, pleads not guilty, court October 4 2018.

Aaron James Auger, intent to avoid arrest, obstruction/resisting peace officer, failure to comply with conditions, trail date December 6 2018.

David Nathan Leitner, Blood alcohol exceed the limit, impaired operation of a vehicle, and 3 counts of failure to attend – unendorsed warrant issued.

Donald L Thunder, driving vehicle while unauthorized, fined $2,000.

Dustin Jones Assault next court date November 1st 2018.

Jennifer Helen Emard pled guilty of driver motor vehicle with no insurance $2,875 fine.

Dion Ray Erik Mitchell breach of probation warrent issued.

Walter Kard exceed speed not guilty next court October 4 2018.


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