Community pulls together at July 24 fundraiser for Falher family who experienced house fire

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Everyone worries about having a house fire, seeing their home destroyed or seriously damaged and family heirlooms and personal mementos lost.

Along with the emotional turmoil there is the physical upheaval of having to find alternative accommodation while the usually protracted processes such as dealing with insurance companies etc. are addressed.

And no matter how vigilant and careful we are that devastating moment can arise from the most unlikely and totally unforeseen circumstances.

On the afternoon of July 3, Marcel and Val Viens experienced the unthinkable. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident but the emotional trauma of seeing one’s home on fire cannot be minimized or fully understood unless one has been through it.

However, experiencing adversity can also show the value of living in a small town where friends, neighbours, local businesses and the community at large immediately respond by asking what they can do to help.

On July 24, a fundraiser event to assist the Viens family was held at the Centre Chevaliers.

Organized by Victor and Eveline Roy, the event was a perfect example of community spirit and generosity.

About 170 people attended the event that also received a lot of cooperation from local businesses and individuals who donated items for the auction, bake sale and draws and also donated food for the event.

“Lea Brochu did the auction and she did an excellent job,” says Eveline Roy. “We had a silent auction, bake sale, live auction and we sold tickets for a draw. We had different ways of doing things to make it interesting.”

The classic sounds of “Rewind,” provided the musical entertainment with the band members donating their time and talents for the event. And of course, with the irresistible classic sounds of rock and country standards, many in attendance took to the dance floor.

And keeping the momentum going, during the band’s intermission, Henry Roy played fiddle accompanied by his son Mike on base.

“We just want to thank the community for their help and their support,” says Eveline Roy. “It was gung ho right from when we decided to do this. People were there to help us and support us with everyone saying ‘I can do this or I’ll do that.’ That’s what I see in a small town, we know each other and we all stand together.”

And speaking of Marcel and Val she added: “As you can imagine they have their good moments and bad moments, but they are very happy with the support they got.”

Val and Marcel Viens at the Centre Chevaliers July 24 event.


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