At her book launch Judith Mawoko book took her audience on an edifying journey to Zimbabwe

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Instead of opting for reading an isolated passage from her recently published memoir “From the Frying Pan into the Fire,” Judith Mawoko launched her book by offering those who attended the event a graphic illustration of life in contemporary Zimbabwe.

The educator was present as well as the author, when Mawoko gave a presentation that was concise and thorough in providing geographical, cultural, and political background to her memoir.

It allowed those who attended the book launch to see the contrasts between North America and Africa, the contrasts between urban and rural Zimbabwe and the similarities such as the universal configurations of cities no matter where one is in the world.

Mawoko took her audience on a journey beginning literally with the twenty-one hour flying time from Edmonton to Harare, then through the city and ultimately to the village in which she was raised and where her family lived for generations.

Although Judith Mawoko owns a house in Harare, she says she is not truly home until she reaches her village and it is the village that provides much of scene in “From the Frying Pan into the Fire,” with the story taking place from the time she was aged seven to when she reach fourteen.

A large, enthusiastic crowd attended the Judith Mawoko’s book launch, filling the event space at McLennan Library to slightly over capacity.

Copies of “From the Frying Pan into the Fire,” can be purchased at McLennan Municipal Library.


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One thought on “At her book launch Judith Mawoko book took her audience on an edifying journey to Zimbabwe

  1. Ms Mawoko seems to have give a very nice report on life in Zimbabwe.
    Unfortunately, under the repressive regime of Robt Mugabe white farmers were murdered and their farms confiscated without remuneration. The economy has inflation of 8,000% per year, their currency worthless and all trade is done in US dollars.
    This scenario is now being repeated in South Africa.
    It’s a shame because, as Ms Mawoko pointed out, this is a beautiful area of the world.

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