Jamie Brown helps basketball players develop their skills, holds clinic at Georges P. Vanier

Katrina Jolie
Georges P. Vanier

Georges P. Vanier School hosted a basketball player’s clinic ran by The Love of The Game out of Calgary.

This shooting clinic is the curriculum developed by NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love. Coach Love has developed his clinics using the same techniques he teaches his NBA players.

He has worked for the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and currently with the Orlando Magic.

This clinic is based on Coach Love’s teachings, and taught by one of Coach Love’s most trusted assistants, Jamie Brown.

“I personally think there is no better way to prepare your kids for success, both on the court and off the court, than this disciplined approach,” explains Jamie Brown.

Coached by Jamie Brown, former local college basketball player, coach and long-time apprentice to Coach Love, these clinics focus on equipping your kids with a disciplined mindset.

Thirty-six junior high and senior high students attended this three hour clinic where they learned the ABCs of shooting. Foot placement, body alignment, and follow through were the topics discussed and practiced.

Brown held his clinic at Georges P. Vanier in the morning of Jan. 14. All photos courtesy of Katrina Jolie.


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