IWantWireless.ca issues warning about customer scam

Express Staff


It’s been coming to our attention from more and more clients about a email scam that many people have been receiving recently.  This email mentions that your account has been compromised and that you need to pay the hacker by sending bitcoin to different accounts.  DO NOT send money to anyone that you do not know…

In recent weeks, as most of you may know, Facebook was hacked and many accounts were compromised.  Some of these scam messages have an email and a familiar password which may come from that Facebook database.  If you have not yet we strongly recommend that you change your Facebook password and for extra measure change your email password as well.  Keep in mind that any devices that receive your email will need the password changed in the settings too.

We want to keep you guys as safe as possible but only so much can be done when there is so much more beyond our control.  Please continue to be safe and smart browsing on the web.


IWW Support Team

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