Important changes to the hunting regulations

Mac Olsen
Hunting Supplement

The 2016 Alberta hunting regulations guide details some important changes for the coming season.

Here they are as found on Page 12:

. An Antlered Moose Special Licence hunting season has been created in WMU (Wildlife Management Unit) 248. The season will allow primitive weapons and will only apply in portions of WMU 248 which lies within Strathcona County and Leduc County.

. Antlered and Antlerless elk hunting seasons have been created in WMUs 128, 142, 156, 158, 160 and 210.

. Additional Antlerless Elk Special Licence hunting seasons have been created in WMUs 505, 507, 508 and 510.

. Additional cougar hunting opportunities have been created. This fall “boot” hunting season has been extended in numerous WMUs. Details for season dates and WMUs can be found on Page 59.

. Hunting seasons for ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and gray partridge has been extended throughout much of Alberta. Specific dates can be found on Page 64.

If and when you have questions or require clarification about the hunting regulations, please consult your nearest Fish and Wildlife officer or office. Also, watch for any corrections to the regulations throughout the hunting season.

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