KEYBOARD COMMANDO – If Trump becomes POTUS, Ottawa & Edmonton will have to listen

by Mac Olsen

It’s already been a cartoon on Facebook, but I would love to see it become a reality.
President Barack Obama is standing before Donald Trump on his TV series, ‘The Apprentice’, with his face down in a sullen fashion. Then Trump yells at him, ‘You’re fired!’
If Trump is the one to swear the oath of office and becomes the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) on January 20, 2017, as Obama is watching and waiting to make his exit into obscurity, I hope that Trump jokingly says this to him.
Trump is certainly drawing a lot of attention inside and outside the United States.
And while I’m not saying that he will become the Republican presidential nominee next summer, I can appreciate the momentum is in his favour.
Moreover, if he does become the next POTUS, not only will those in Washington have to deal with him – including the Republican/GOP establishment – so will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Rachel Notley. They will have to deal with him seriously on political and economic issues, even if they don’t like him.
Being that there’s a considerable convergence of interests such as the now 21-year-old NAFTA and petroleum issues, our prime minister and premier would be wise not to upset the applecart under a Trump Administration.
It would be in their interest to adjust their political stance and diplomatic staff in Washington to be more friendly to a Trump Administration.
I can see Trump becoming the foil to the left-wing interests now ruling the roost in Ottawa and Edmonton.
One reason I would like to see Trump become the next POTUS is for him to put the brakes on the global left-wing drive to impose carbon taxes to stop the so-called ‘climate change’.
I want him to lead the reversal against this fallacy, because the “science” behind “climate change” is very questionable and is mainly harkened by those on the left.
Not that our diplomatic posture should be on bended knee, ready to kiss Trump’s hand like an underling kissing a Mafia leader’s hand, to demonstrate their utter loyalty to him.
Canada and Alberta have the right to pursue diplomatic and political interests outside the U.S.’s interests. After all, Trudeau’s dad, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, did that by establishing a diplomatic relationship with Dictator Fidel Castro’s communist government in Cuba in the 1970s.
Still, the powers-that-be in Ottawa and Edmonton would have to be prepared to deal with a Trump. Where the Canada/Alberta and U.S. interests are true and mutual, all parties should be willing to negotiate and come to agreement in good faith.
My only qualm with Trump is, he wants to place a “moratorium” on allowing refugees into the U.S. because of concerns over Islamic terrorism.
However, such a blanket statement about the refugee situation is disciminatory in the first order. But he seems to have a lot of Americans on his side about it. Hopefully, reason will win out at the end of the day.
This issue aside, Donald Trump as POTUS would be in the best interests of Canada, including Alberta.

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