HPSD student council gets more board direction

Richard Froese

A newly-formed division-wide student council for High Prairie School Division was discussed by trustees at its regular board meeting Jan. 17.

The board reviewed the initial student council meeting Dec. 18, says a news release dated Jan. 26.

Trustees talked about the representation from schools across the division and about the governance model.

During discussion, trustees requested that information to the board from the student council include updates on coaches and support services in their schools, school calendar input, course options in their schools and options they would like to have and any other information they feel would be beneficial to the board.

“The goal of the council is to present recommendations to school and school division leaders and to increase student engagement,” says Tammy Henkel, who chairs the board.

The division selected 16 students in Grades 6-12 representing schools across the division, recruited by recommendations of school staff members.

Students discussed current issues and trends they have identified at their respective schools; many of them came prepared with notes and supporting information from other students.

At the board meeting, trustees discussed diploma exams and the recent inclement weather that resulted in all buses in the division being cancelled for the first two days of testing.

Options were considered by trustees to inform the public on the requirements and restrictions surrounding diploma exam administration, specifically dealing with inclement weather.

Trustees gave final approval for a field trip to Quebec City, Quebec for 10 students enrolled in French immersion at Georges P. Vanier School in Donnelly on March 31 to April 4, during the spring break.

The board reviewed nomination forms for the upcoming Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta awards for special contribution to public education and long-service nominations for school trustees.

Nominations will be brought to the next board meeting Feb. 21.

Trustees reported whether they were planning to attend the upcoming Alberta School Council Association annual general meeting from April 20-22.

The board examined a budget survey from the Government of Alberta and reviewed responses that were generated from earlier discussions.


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