HP receives immigration incentive

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Small businesses struggling to recruit employees now have several options of support from the provincial government.
The High Prairie and Big Lakes County region has been given a special incentive to attract immigrants to fill vacant jobs, says Roy Dallmann, press secretary of Alberta Labour and Immigration.
“To encourage skilled newcomers come to the High Prairie area, the region has been recognized as a designated community under the Rural Renewal Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program,” Dallman says.
“Eligible workers apply directly to available jobs in that area so the community gets a say in the workers that plan to join them from abroad.”
He suggests employers also consider the Temporary Foreign Workers program.
“With the extension we’ve offered through the Alberta Opportunity Stream, temporary foreign workers now have a pathway to permanent residency,” Dallman says.
Employers have several training programs to access.
One of the main options available for training is the Canada Alberta Job Grant, he says.
“The grant covers two-thirds of the training costs with the employer asked to contribute one third,” Dallman says.
“This year, we extended the program to include employers so they are eligible to benefit form this training program.”
Options for the longer term and also available, he says.
“We have invested in a number of longer-term initiatives through Alberta at Works to assist with training and to better align post-secondary programs with labour market requirement,” Dallman says.
“Through the Alberta at Work program, we fund a number of Training for Work programs to offer work-integrated learning.
“To support our Indigenous people, we recently announced our Trade Winds to Success program.”
For more information on the program, google the titles of the programs or go online to www.alberta.ca/labour-and-immigration.aspx

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