Plenty of horse riding action at gymkhana event in Donnelly

Pictured above are the winners of the gymkhana event. In front are Montana Phelps and Jaxon Robinson. In back, left-right, are Shelby Cook, Josie Seely, Deanna Mitchell, Tarla Robinson, Rory Seely, Janine Kerr and Shawna Cloutier.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Horse enthusiasts converged at the Smoky River Ag Society grounds by Donnelly during Aug. 4-5 for a gymkhana event.

The first day was a “jackpot” event for money and prizes. The second day was a fun event.

The first day included barrel racing and pole bending. The second day consisted of these activities plus stakes and flags.

The competitors were divided into the peewee, junior and adult categories. The winners of the first day are found in the photo above.

Among the highlights, Montana Phelps led Jaxon Robinson on his horse for peewee barrel racing. Their smiles were evident as they made their way around the barrels.

Rory Seely manages a time of 21.475 seconds in barrel racing.
Shelby Cook completes her pole bending run in a time of 24.110 seconds.
They’re all smiles when it comes to horse riding. Pictured above, Montana Phelps leads Jaxon Robinson on ‘Sissy’ through the barrel race in a time of 49.759 seconds. Jaxon participated in the peewee category on Aug. 4.


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