Ecole Heritage student goes to China in August

Meera Sylvain goes to China on Aug. 1

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Meera Sylvain will soon have an opportunity to learn about the Chinese language and culture. The Ecole Heritage student travels to China on Aug. 1 for two weeks to attend a summer camp. She applied in early June for the trip and received notification on June 23 that she was selected.

Sylvain is excited about the opportunity to experience that culture.

“I was in awe,” says Sylvain. “I’m thrilled to be going.”

Besides experiencing another language and culture, Sylvain wants to get an appreciation for how other families live.

The summer camp will include:

. Chinese language classes;
. Chinese culture classes;
. Sports and cultural exchange activities with Chinese students;
. Visit with a Chinese family; and
. Tours of historic and cultural attractions and beautiful natural scenery.

Principal Nicole Walisser is pleased Sylvain was selected for the trip.

“Meera is a wonderful candidate for the China student camp,” says Walisser. “She has a strong global awareness and appreciates different cultures and languages. She will be an excellent ambassador for the school, province and country.”

Sylvain is one of 20 students from Alberta that will be going on the trip. She travelled to Edmonton this past weekend to meet them and take an orientation about their trip.

Sylvain applied to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for the trip. The Confucius Institute has arranged these trips since 2009, which are made possible by funding through Hanban and the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

This fall, Sylvain will take an online course in the Chinese language and culture, to further her understanding of that country.


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