Heritage House June Tea and Art Exhibit

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

St. Paul’s Heritage House Society held a “June Tea and Art Exhibit,” on June 25.

The work on display at the Sunday tea event is by local artist Judy Carson and the works involve a number of styles and innovative techniques.

The landscapes and seascapes on show, while having a distinctive individual style are executed with traditional oil on canvas but other works involved materials and a process that produced some unique and striking effects.

These works feature a montage of items such as necklace, butterflies, a broach, and other varied items along with roses crafted from polymer clay. This collage is aesthetically arranged and mounted against a background of drywall mud on canvas that is treated with pearlized finish that is imperceptible and perfectly integrated into the work is also durable.

“The roses and leaves I make by hand,” says Carson, in explaining her process. “I put colour in my clay, form it and let it dry and then glue it onto the canvas. The polymer clay air-dries and is ceramic looking.”

Carson covers the handcrafted flowers with a specialized colouring agent that is not a conventional paint.

Another work depicting a tree is also created using drywall mud with glue and by using a novel technique Carson creates an extremely fateful, almost tactile representation of a tree.

As the drywall mud is drying Carson pushes it into place, which gives it the wrinkled, bark-like appearance. She then paints it and again applies the pearlized finish.

Carson says that she usually paints during the winter and makes jewelry during the summers.

“This is a winter project,” she says. “I have to do something in the winter because I don’t go out and socialize, so I give myself ten paintings to do for the winter, but this year I finished eleven.

For anyone interested in viewing Judy Carson’s work she can be reached at judymcde@hotmail.com

Visitors to the Heritage House Sunday teas and other events are always welcome to tour the restored 1930’s manse house and St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

St. Paul’s Heritage Society is now holding its summer long garage sale at McLennan Legion Hall, open Monday to Friday 1pm to 5pm and on the weekends when volunteers are available.


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