Heritage students entertain Villa residents with Mother’s Day tribute

Janie Trudeau’s kindergarten class performs a tango.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff


It takes two to tango and kindergarten students in Janie Trudeau’s class demonstrated their talents for the residents of the Villa Beausejour in the afternoon of May 11.
“I’m very proud of them,” says Trudeau.
“They like to sing and dance and were excited to go there.”
Trudeau’s class, along with Julie Desrosiers’ Grade 2 class, performed there as tribute to Mother’s Day.
Trudeau’s class opened with the tango and then sang ‘Je t’aime’, mimicking sleep as they did.
Next, Derosiers’ Grade 2 class sang ‘Pour toutes les mamans de monde’.
The Villa residents applauded both classes for their performances.
At the end of the Grade 2 performance, all of the students presented the flowers they made to residents. Some residents offered hugs and thank-yous to the students.
Lise Roby, the activity coordinator for the Villa, appreciates the students’ performance and generosity.
“I was pleased with everything,” says Roby.
“I had som many comments from the moms. It was great.”

Grade 2 student Wyatt Marczyk presents his flower to resident Annette Blanchette.
Julie Desrosiers’ Grade 2 class sings ‘Pour toutes les mamans de monde’.


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