Ecole Heritage celebrating its 30th anniversary during the 2017/18 school year

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The 2017/18 school year will mark 30 years for Ecole Heritage.

To commemorate the anniversary, each student will decorate a plank of wood and it will be attached to the school’s fence.

This is one of the highlights of the new school year, but for principal Nicole Walisser, it’s the school’s ability to meet each student’s needs for academic programming that is the true highlight.

“The school is looking at ways to meet all our learner needs,” says Walisser.
“We put a lot into inclusion. We offer the full range of academic courses to the students. We can tailor a timetable to the student’s needs. That’s what we pride ourselves in. We put the logistics in place to offer those courses. The staff are flexible and help the students as well.”

Joel Lavoie works to develop the francophone cultural component through music, she adds.

Two teachers, Charles Marinier and Maryse Simon, are working with the French Language Arts Working Group on curriculum redesign for Alberta Education. This group meets five times a year and the work is ongoing.

Ecole Heritage will have two new teachers, who are taking over for two others on sabbatical. Reneé Cloutier will teach the Grade 3 class and Jennifer Dupuis will teach secondary social studies and French Language Arts.

Sophie du Tremblay is the new Phys Ed teacher. The volleyball teams will begin practices the week of Sept. 11.

The school expects approximately 160 students for Grades K-12, about the same number it gets each year. The first day of school is Sept. 5, and the preschool program will start on Sept. 11.

Meet the teacher night will be held on Sept. 13, at the same time as the parent council AGM.

For more information, contact Walisser at (780) 837-3266.

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