Healthy ideas for back-to-school snacks

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It’s almost time for the new school year! Whether your kids spend their after-school time at home or on their way to an extra-curricular activity, they may be hungry.

Plan and pack healthy snacks so your children get the right energy they need to grow and be active.

  • ·Offer snacks at least two hours before dinner to keep your child from being too full at meal time.
  • ·Choose foods from two of the four food groups from the new Canada’s Food Guide available online in 28 languages) at snack time.
  • ·Wash and slice vegetables and fruits; store them in a container in the fridge so they are easy to grab when you’re heading out the door.
  • ·Keep a small supply of non-perishable snacks such as unsalted nuts, pretzels, or whole- grain crackers in a sports bag so your child can have a quick snack before activities or sporting events.

Plan ahead by stocking your fridge and cupboard with items that can be used to make these quick and healthy snacks:

  • ·Low-fat cheese to eat with whole-grain crackers, mini whole-grain pitas, or apple slices.
  • ·Peanut butter, soy butter or almond butter spread on a whole wheat tortilla and rolled around a banana. (Keep in mind that nut butters may not be allowed at some schools and sporting events because of allergies.)
  • ·Low-fat yogurt with fresh, frozen, or canned fruit.
  • ·Pair snacks with water, milk, fortified soy beverage, or 100-per-cent fruit juice. Limit juice to ½ cup (125 mL) per day.

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