Hamelin-Leidig upgrade proceeds

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

McLennan’s Hamelin-Leidig Memorial Park may be getting an upgrade this year.

The McLennan Local Recreation Board has amended its grant application to Alberta Municipal Affairs in efforts to move the rejuvenation project forward.

And while not as ambitious as first proposed, improvements will be a considerable upgrade at the popular park.

Councillor Sue Delaurier says the $25,000 amended grant – already approved by Municipal Affairs – will be topped by $10,000 of the recreation board’s own money.

Some improvements include a new Cascade Climber and Curva Spinner, and fixing the swings for children under five years old who have significant dexterity problems. Other swings will better accommodate children up to 12 years old with fully bucket seats.

In addition, wooden structures will be painted and entrance gates widened for easier access for parents with strollers. Wooden play sets will also be rehabilitated.

In the grant application it is estimated that 354 hours of volunteer labour will be needed to finish the project.

“Spruce it up,” says Delaurier, adding the recreation board will work with what they have.

The park was built in 2000.

“Time to add new [equipment,” says Delaurier.

“Everyone would love a new park but we don’t have the manpower [and resources],” she adds.

She says she has heard complaints about the park.

“The complainers need to start volunteering and find out what it’s like,” says Councillor Dwayne Stout.

Construction is tentatively set to begin this summer.

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