Halloween tournament held at Smoky Lanes Bowling

Pictured above is the “Missing the fourth” team. Left-right are Fern Laderoute, Clem Cloutier and Claire Cloutier. Their team placed first in the tournament.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The witches, wizards and other spooky characters made their appearance at Smoky Lanes Bowling on Oct. 28.

The bowling alley in Girouxville held its annual Halloween tournament, with three teams participating. The results of the tournament were:

1. “Missing the Fourth.”

2. “Passing Wind.”

3. “Skinny Witches.”

School Halloween activites

Other Halloween festivities were held on the traditional day of Oct. 31.

Ecole Providence’s Halloween activities were spread over two days, due to the school’s mentorship program.

At Ecole Heritage, the students rotated through a series of activities in the afternoon.

At Ecole Routhier, the students assembled in the main gym and each class took its turn going on stage to receive applause from the other classes.


Above is the “Passing Wind” team, placing second in the tournament. Left-right are Cliff Merchant, Lil Trudeau, Andy Trudeau and Ron Trudeau.
Pictured above are the “Skinny Witches.” Left-right are Michelle Veraart, Killer Girard, Francoise Dechief and Virginia Merchant. Their team placed third.


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