Halloween Ol’ Tyme Family Nite a real treat

by Tom Henihan

Smoky River Family and Community Support Services put on its Halloween, Ol’ Tyme Family Nite at the McLennan Elks Hall, Friday Oct 30.
An enthusiastic crowd of approximately 100 people showed up a little ahead of schedule, many already dancing before the event had officially begun.
Event organizer, Jean Moore-Lemoine said she anticipated about 130 people in total but was pleasantly surprised when 160 attended.
“The Halloween event is always well attended, and this year people from Villa Beausejour also came,” says Moore-Lemoine.
“A resident at the Villa told me that a few of them had costumes for Halloween but they had nowhere to go to celebrate and no way of getting to McLennan for the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite.”
Moore-Lemoine told the resident if they could get seven people from the Villa who wanted to attend the Halloween family night, she would put on the bus. Organizing seven people did not seem much of a challenge as 10 residents decided to make the trip and enjoy a night out at the event.
The entertainment was provided as always by event mainstay, The Ol’ Tyme Family Nite Band. The band is comprised of Marie and Gerry Dubois and Dwain Isert, who have donated their time and musical talents from the very beginning, which is an exceptional contribution considering that the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite will be marking its ninth anniversary this coming January.
Just prior to the evening officially getting underway, Rita L’Heureux, on behalf of the former McLennan Curling Club, presented a cheque for $3098.19 to the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite to help ensure this valued cummunity event, which attracts people from across the age and social spectrum will continue.
“The goal from the beginning was to get together, just have fun and be a part of a big extended family, and we have attained that,” says Moore-Lemoine.
Even though the family event is termed Ol Tyme it would be a mistake to see that as in anyway limiting those who show up regularly. Everyone is welcome. At the October 30th Halloween Night the range in age was from one year old to ninety-four.
Of course, people from The Villa Beausejour, and Friendship Corner were there as were members of the Victory Life Church Youth Group who like to drop by after their meeting finishes.
“The kids from the youth group, they love it and the older people just love having them there,” says Moore-Lemoine. “The old people show them the dance steps and in future, we are actually going to teach them, have a half-hour dance class at the beginning of the evening.”
For those wishing to attend this fun event, the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite happens the second and last Friday of the month until the end of May.
November’s Ol’ Tyme Family Nites are on the 13th and 27th. The Ol’ Tyme Christmas Supper and Dance will be held on December 11.

Super Mario and friends at the Halloween Ol’ Tyme Family Nite.
Super Mario and friends at the Halloween Ol’ Tyme Family Nite.
L to R: Jean Moore-Lemoine (event coordinator) Rita L'Heureux(Curling Club) and The Ol’Tyme Family Nite Band, Marie and Gerry Dubois and Dwain Isert.
L to R: Jean Moore-Lemoine (event coordinator) Rita L’Heureux(Curling Club) and The Ol’Tyme Family Nite Band, Marie and Gerry Dubois and Dwain Isert.

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