H.W. Fish Arena for sale in future?

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It seems impossible, but you never know!

“What would happen if we sell the [H.W. Fish] Arena,” asked Town of McLennan Councillor Sue Delaurier at council’s Dec. 14 meeting.

“Is there a buffer zone between the arena and the park?” she asked.

The matter arose after she informed council the local recreation committee received a $25,000 stimulus grant to upgrade the park located just west of the arena.

Councillor Dwayne Stout suggested perhaps a car dealership may be interested and the vehicles could be parked inside.

Delaurier was concerned about using the money to upgrade the existing park, but later selling the arena and having to move the park elsewhere, perhaps near Northern Lakes College.

Stout was not concerned about the buffer zone.

“Sell the building and five feet on each side,” he said.

Councillor Christen Eckhard also weighed in, saying the arena could be turned into an indoor garden where residents could grow vegetables. He added it has been done in other communities.

Council did not install ice in the arena this year.

Delaurier was simply looking at all options.

“What will happen, we don’t know,” she said. “We’re just looking ahead.”

One councillor did not like the idea at all.

“If we get rid of the arena we get rid of the town,” said newly-elected Councillor Terry Calliou.

Later in the meeting, while discussing the installation of an outdoor rink, Calliou persisted.

“One you start taking recreation facilities away, where does it end? People will move away.”

No decision was made regarding the arena’s future.

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