Gun control panel is a reality

Joe McWilliams
South Peace News

The gun control advisory panel that Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer spoke about a few weeks ago has been set up.

Schweitzer says it will advise the government about “potential legal challenges,” and such.

It’s fair to say the Jason Kenney government is not a fan of Ottawa’s new gun-control efforts. Schweitzer said they make criminals of law-abiding gun owners overnight, without notice or consultation.

Another new thing coming is a ballistics lab. Schweitzer said for half a million dollars, Alberta can get build one and greatly reduce the time it takes to get forensic analysis results on weapons used illegally.

Under the current system, where the RCMP sends such guns off to a lab in another part of the country, the results can take up to eight months, Schweitzer said.

He added that Conservatives [i.e. the provincial government] are as much opposed to illegal firearms as anybody, and thinks the federal authorities should be focusing on illegal guns coming across the border, rather than making criminals out of the aforementioned law-abiding owners.

Having a forensics lab here in Alberta will help get cases through the court system faster, he said.

So the government has made the decision to spend the $500,000.

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