A great turnout for a fun evening at École Providence open house event

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Parents, students, teachers and community members attended École Providence open house on April 17.

The purpose of the open house is to to give parents and family members an opportunity to meet in a relaxed environment, take a look around at new features in the school and to be brought up-to-date with teachers and staff on what is happening at the school.

Parents attending the open house were asked what they love about the school, what they would like to see improve and were given the opportunity to have a discussion with HFCRD trustee, Garry Fisher at the “Tea with the trustee,” table.

Many parents expressed their appreciation that the students at Ecole Providence were kind, respectful and cooperative with one another and the parents wanted the school to say on course in this regard.

The parents also said they could see the positive response of having their children volunteering in the community and they would like to see their kids continue to contribute in this way.

On the academic side, they generally wanted the school keep up its emphasis on literacy, comprehension and numerical skills.

Over one-hundred people attended the Barbequed hamburger and salad supper and Holy Family Catholic Regional Division Communications and FOIP Coordinator, Jody Bekevich and HFCRD Board of Trustees member Gary Fisher were present at the event.

The evening included bouncy castle, badminton and numerous other games for the kids and prize bingo for the adults and children.

“We appreciate having such a great response from everyone, receiving parents input on what we need to do and where we need to stay on course,” says principal Krista Veitch. “It was also a really fun evening, everyone seem relaxed and having a good time.”

L-R: Jody Bekevich, Garry Fisher and Krista Veitch.


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