Great community support for annual Manoir du Lac’s Ladies Auxiliary ‘Harvest Tea and Bake Sale’

Event organizor Pat Penner, second from right, at the Ladies Auxilary Harvest Tea and Bake Sale.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Ladies Auxiliary annual “Harvest Tea and Bake Sale” took place on Sunday September 30 at the Manoir du Lac lounge.

Along with a bake sale, with bake goods donated by family and friends of Manoir residents, members of the Ladies Auxiliary and the community, there were also a number of door prizes and a 50/50 draw.

The Manoir du Lac Ladies Auxiliary hold the Harvest Tea and Bake Sale and other initiatives to raise money to purchase medical equipment or any items that will enhance the quality of life for the Manoir residents.

Auxiliary member Pat Penner, one of the organizers of the event, said she was so pleased with the turnout and greatly appreciated people taking the time to attend.

“It was very successful,” says Penner. “I mean, I can’t say enough for the support we are shown by the local merchants and people coming to the event. It is just phenomenal, I am just speechless with every year how well we do.”

The annual Harvest Tea and Bake Sale provides an opportunity for people from the region to drop in at Manoir du Lac and have a good time visiting with residents while enjoying a cup of coffee, pie and ice cream.

It is also an opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of baked items while supporting the many initiatives the Ladies Auxiliary undertakes on behalf of Manoir du Lac residents.

“We are always working towards something: we supply the money for the bingos and for the Secret Santa and if the nursing home requires any medical equipment we buy it for them when we can afford to,” says Penner.

Towards the end of the “Harvest Tea and Bake Sale event, a number of door prizes were presented along with a birdhouse made and donated by Delores Garant, which was won by Chris Jones. The 50/50 prize of $161 was won by Chantal Dion.

“I also want to mention the two young ladies who worked the door, Ishra and Mary Katherine, they were great. I received a lot of compliments on their behalf and I hope they can join us for our tea there in the spring to do the same as is good to have the younger ones involved with the older residents.”

Above, guests browse through items on offer at the bake sale in Manoir du Lac.


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