The Great Benjamins Circus pitches its tent in Falher July 27

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Great Benjamins Circus is putting on two performances at the Honey Capital Park in Falher on July 27 at 4.30pm and 7pm.

Benjamins is touring BC, the Territories and Alberta this summer and prior to its performances in Falher will do one show in Manning and following its Falher performances it will offer one show in High Prairie and then on to Slave Lake.

The Benjamins Circus performances, which are presented by “Falher and Area Beautification and Leisure Activities Society” (FABuLAS), run approximately 90 minutes.

The shows main attractions are the “Globe of Death,” or the “Sphere of Fear,” which involves a number of motor cycle dare-devils riding inside the sphere doing various figures and “death-defying” acts.

The “Wheel of Destiny,” is a large mesh wheel reaching approximately thirty-five feet into the air and while rotating on an axle, performers inside the wheel undertake various acrobatics feats and on the outside of the rotating wheel performers do such things skip rope while blindfolded and acts of that nature.

During the “Russian Swing” the audience will witness performers being thrown into the air and doing various in-flight acrobatics and summer salts before landing on the crash pad or net.

The Great Benjamins Circus is a third generation circus family that began in Mexico and the US. It is a non-animal circus featuring clowns, juggling, acrobats, daredevils, and more.

Benjamins travels to small communities throughout North America and prides itself in offering a classic, traditional type of family entertainment.

Tickets for Benjamins Circus are available at Original Pete’s or the Town Office in Falher and Jonesie’s Hair Boutique in McLennan.


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