Grant aids Northern Sunrise landowners

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Northern Sunrise County is excited to present an opportunity to support landowners who want to enhance their operation.

Economic development officer Lynn Florence says the County has created a $20,000 matching grant that is meant to be used to enhance value-added agriculture or tourism ventures through building, diversification, or expansion.

“By providing financial assistance, this one-time grant assists in covering various expenses such as construction, equipment procurement, upgrades to existing equipment, or even enhancements to the exterior landscape,” says Florence.

“The overarching goal is to augment the customer experience or aid in efficient business management,” she adds.

Eligible property improvements include quality façade improvements, permanent indoor and exterior space improvement, equipment that is specific to the production of their product, contracting costs, and/or construction upgrades.

“The County created this grant to incentivize and support county landowners in their efforts to enter the value-added agriculture and tourism sector,” says Florence.

“The County recognizes the potential economic, agricultural, and community benefits that can be derived from this form of diversification.”

The grant is available to any Northern Sunrise County landowner who meets grant specifications. Taking advantage of the grant provides financial support, business diversification, community engagement, and the potential for long-term economic benefit, says Florence.

“It enables county producers to tap into the growing market of value-added agriculture or tourism, leverage their agricultural resources, and contribute to the local economy and community.”

Florence adds projects that could qualify for the grant funding could include mixed used development, commercial development, renovation of existing structures, storefront upgrades, or integration of education experiences.

“The goal of providing this grant is to create thriving businesses that diversify the local economy, promote tourism, food security, preserves agricultural lands, fosters community development, generate economic impact, and offers unique experiences and educate visitors,” says Florence.

Intake period for the grant starts on May 15 and runs until June 15.

If you have any inquiries or need further details, feel free to reach out to Florence at (780) 625-3288 or via email at

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