GPV rugby teams get ready for the grid iron

Pictured above is the Georges P. Vanier rugby team. In front, from left, are Katelyn Lambert, Jessina Goodswimmer, Jenna McNeil, Brianna Willier, Kellie Bouvier, Josee Guerette, Abbey Doris, Hailey Limoges and Taylor Benoit. In the back row, from left, are Coach Brock Whalen, Aldeen Garcia, Seth Labrecque, Eli Hodgson, Dorian Adams, Bradyn Heckbert, William Hauch, Kyle Guerette and Aidan Charest. Not shown are Chris Key, Brendyn Limoges, Riley Gervais, Meagan McNeil, Madeline Jordan and Paul Dubois. They were to travel to Grande Prairie this past weekend for a game.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Georges P. Vanier’s boys’ and girls’ rugby teams, comprising approximately 24 members, having been practicing since early May and they are ready to play.

The teams have the field out back and they have been using it on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for practice. The teams have been working on their footwork, agility and passing.

Coach Brock Whalen – the others are Tony Smit and Parker Bonnah – is pleased with their progress.

“They’re doing well in a short time,” says Whalen. “We have a couple of tournaments coming up.”

They were to travel to Grande Prairie on May 30 for a game, and then travel to another community in early June for a second game. The rugby season ends in mid-June.


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