GPV junior golfer wins gold at the Mighty Peace Golf Club

Pictured above are Coach Dave Pedden and Danielle St. Laurent with her gold medal.
Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Danielle St. Laurent was the top golfer in the junior tournament at the Mighty Peace Golf Club on Sept. 25, scoring 116 for an 18-hole round and taking the gold medal.

“I’m very pleased with her gold medal win,” says Coach Dave Pedden.

“She’s an avid golfer and has great potential on the senior high team (next year).”

St. Laurent was nervous going into the event, but she compensated by putting well. She received her gold medal on individual standings and played against seven other girls.

St. Laurent keeps in practice for the season by golfing with her grandparents and she has played at many of the courses throughout the Peace Country. She’s looking forward to playing on the GPV senior team next year.

Four boys also played in this tournament – Brett Heckbert, Cameron Henley, Parker St. Laurent and Tyson Tokarz.

They were two strokes off from a bronze medal, but Coach Dave Pedden is also pleased with their performance.

This tournament marked the end of the season for the GPV junior golf team.


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