Congratulations! The GPV grads get high-fives from students at Ecole Routhier

Shanele Morin leads the other soon-to-be graduates throught the halls of Ecole Routhier.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

It was moment of adulation for students at Ecole Routhier, as they stood side-by-side in the halls of the school and holding their posters of congratulations and praise.

The posters were for the soon-to-be graduating Grade 12 students at Georges P. Vanier, who offered smiles and high-fives to the elementary school students for their support.

Approximately 30 of the GPV graduates participated in the march through the halls of Ecole Routhier in the morning of May 22.

They made their way from the entrance through the halls of the school.

The principals of both schools were pleased to participate in this event. Says Principal Pam Heckbert of GPV:

“It was a wonderful opportunity for the grads to go over to Routhier. It was a way that they could show gratitude and humility to many of the teachers that gave them their start. A strong elementary program lays the foundation for a positive relationship with academics early on.

“It’s a great way to show the teachers there how integral they are to the students’ academic journey. Also, the grads have the opportunity to serve as an inspiration to the elementary students and show them that if they work hard and dedicate themselves to their studies and their school community, they will also succeed.”

Principle Diane Benoit of Ecole Routhier offered similar sentiments.

”Routhier School staff and students were honoured to have the GP Vanier graduates walk through our hallways with their caps and gowns. Students greeted them with smiles, high fives and cheers,” says Benoit.

“With each step they inspired our current students with the possibilities which lay ahead and created many memories for staff as they reflected on the first years of the graduates’ educational journey in the hallways of Routhier.

“We wish all the graduates many more triumphs and special memories as they embark on their new endeavours.”

Students in Donna Seier’s English Kindergarten class. Left-right are Haiden Bessette, Zillah (Joy) Agoto, Sydney Cote, Leva Burchyk, Sean Padillon, Owen Lawrence, Jenaya Sansome, Sienna Gray and Logan Bolkowy.
Left-right, are Drake Morin, Adrien Dumont and Jasmine Dumont of Colette Turcotte’s Grade 3 French class.
Left-right, are Alison Turcotte, Hailey Deynaka, Addison Wickman and Abigail Leclerc of Breanne Britt’s Grade 4 English class.


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