G.P. Vanier Grade 7 and 8, science fair exhibit presents a wide variety of scientific enquiry

Parents, teachers and students attending the G.P. Vanier Science Fair in the school gym on February 27.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Approximately 60 students participated in the G.P. Vanier Grade 7 and 8, science fair.

The students’ projects, judged earlier in the day, were on exhibit from 7pm to 8pm on February 27 in the Vanier small gym.

The broad array of experiments gave an excellent example of students’ scientific method, their area of investigation, research, hypothesis and predictions, process of experimentation, observations and conclusions.

Some students chose complex topics such as measuring the amount of vitamin C in different fruits, requiring an intricate process using a tincture of iodine.

Another explored the life of batteries, one brand against another in a simple but yet scientific processe.

Other experiments dealt with the optimal environment for growing peas and testing the veracity of when or if the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger became extinct. The last know wild thylacine was killed by a farmer in 1933.

There was a good turnout of parents, students and family members at the exhibit and the variety of scientific enquiry gives testament to the young enquiring minds presently attending Grade 7 and 8 at G.P. Vanier.

At the end of the exhibit, the winners of the science fair were presented with their awards.

The Grade 7 first place winners are Riley Garant and Brett Heckbert, second place Christian Menke and third place Simon Garant and Parker St. Laurent.

The Grade 8 first place winner is Chantale Bouvier, second place Jayden Boucher and third place Danielle St. Laurent and Rylee St. Jean.

“All of these kids are off to the Regionals in Peace River to represent Vanier,” say school principal, Pam Heckbert. “We are very proud of them.”

G.P. Vanier students gathered for the Science Fair awards presentations.


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