G.P. Vanier year-end concert was certainly a Grand Finale

Tom Henihan
Express Staff


G.P. Vanier Bands presented “The Finale” concert on June 14 with over a hundred band members taking part.

The gym was arranged so the Grade 7, 8 and 9 band members took their positions at the same time with the Grade 8 on stage and 7 and 9 setup at floor level.

However, each Grade performed separately beginning with Grade 7 playing “Code of Hammurabi,” “theme from the movie Jurassic Park” and a piece called “Let’s go Band.”

Grade 8 performed “Born to be Wild,” “Majestica,” and Party in the USA.

Members of G.P. Vanier’s Senior High Band who are graduating at the end of June sat in with the Grade 9s to perform “Mony Mony,” “Peggy Sue,” “Over the Rainbow.”

The Grade 9 band then took over to play “Final Countdown,” “Selections from the “Lion King,” and Highlights from Harry Potter.

The evening performance ended with all band members playing en masse to perform “Crazy Train.”

During the evening, two members of the senior band and graduating class, Megan McNeil and Madeleine Jordan said a few words to thank their band teacher Brock Whalen and their Principal Pam Heckbert.

This year, members of the G.P. Vanier band program participated in music competitions in Peace River and in Grande Prairie and were the recipients of honours at both events.


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