Georges P. Vanier track-and-field team brings home medals from the High Prairie meet

Pictured above are the winners in the High Prairie track-and-field event on May 16. In front, from left, are Patrick Pabalan, Josh Chailler, Layne Cuthbertson and a student who cannot be identified. In the middle row, from left, are Katelyn Lambert, Kaiden Tardif, Danielle St. Laurent, Catherine Brochu, J’Lyn Leganchuck, Taylor Chalifoux and Coach Marion Lessard. In back, from left, are Luwie Kleyn, Jayden Boucher, Derrick Brochu, Dorian Adams and William Hauch. Not shown are Clauie Burt, Hope Morris, Chloe Cloutier, Lydon Lavis, Riley Gervais, Shanele Morin, Bobby Brochu and Paul Dubois.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Last week, track-and-field athletes for Georges P. Vanier returned from High Prairie with medals, setting the stage for zones in Grande Prairie.

Coach Marion Lessard is pleased with her team’s performance at the High Prairie event, which was held on May 16.

“I’m very pleased,” says Lessard. “I just expect more of the same for the zones on May 25 and 26, and that we can send some athletes to provincials in Red Deere on June 1 and 2.”

Schools from all over the High Prairie School Division No. 48 participated in the track meet in High Prairie. Only those who took first place received medals.

Here are the results for Georges P. Vanier:

Junior Girls 100-metre: 2. Kaiden Tardif.

Junior Girls Long Jump: Chloe Cloutier, 3.88 metres.

Junior Girls Triple Jump: Chloe Cloutier, six metres.

Intermediate Girls High Jump: 2. Danielle St. Laurent, 1.30 metres.

Junior Women’s Triple Jump: 2. Catherine Brochu, 8.45 metres.

Senior Women’s Long Jump: 1. Shanele Morin, 3.64 metres.

Senior Women’s Triple Jump: 1. Shanele Morin, 7.86 metres

Junior Boys 100-metre: 1. Luwie Kleyn, 2. Patrick Pabalan.

Junior Boys 800-metre: 2. Layne Cuthbertson.

Junior Boys 1500-metre: 2. Layne Cuthbertson.

Junior Boys Long Jump: 2. Patrick Pabalan, 3.98 metres, 3. Luwie Kleyn, 3.91 metres.

Junior Boys High Jump: 1. Luwie Kleyn 1.43 metres; 2. Patrick Pabalan, 1.28 metres.

Junior Boys Triple Jump: 1. Patrick Pabalan, 8.62 metres.

Intermediate Boys Javelin: 1. Jayden Boucher, 31.3 metres, 3. William Hauch, 28.2 metres.

Intermediate Boys Shotput: 2. William Hauch, 9.18 metres, 3. Jayden Boucher, 9.01 metres.

Intermediate Boys High Jump: 3. William Hauch, 1.43 metres.

Senior Boys Javelin: 3. Riley Gervais, 17.8 metres.

Senior Boys 3000-metre: 1. Riley Gervais.

Junior Men’s Discus: 1. Paul Dubois, 33.70 metres.

Junior Men’s Triple Jump: 3. Dorian Adams, 10.45 metres.

Junior Men’s Javelin: 1. Paul Dubois, 35.3 metres.

Junior Men’s Shotput: 3. Paul Dubois, 10.15 metres.

Junior Men’s 3000-metre: 1. Dorian Adams.

Intermediate Men’s Shotput: 3. Derrick Brochu, 9.98 metres.

Senior Men’s Shotput: 2. Bobby Brochu, 9.14 metres.


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