Government touts its plan for ‘powering Alberta’s future’

Government of Alberta
News release
The plan to reform the province’s electricity system to ensure it meets the needs of the future. Alberta’s electricity system needs to change to meet the needs of tomorrow.

This plan will create a modern electricity system that:
. Has reasonable, predictable prices
. Reduces harmful pollution to improve the health of Albertans and the environment
. Creates a positive investment climate to keep Albertans competitive
. Remains reliable so the power is there when people flip the switch

Top experts in North America and consumer representatives have been consulted to build the plan.

Modern electricity framework
Creating a reliable electricity system that supports the transition to a cleaner energy future and meets the needs of a growing province.
Capacity market
A reliable electricity system that is affordable for Albertans and attractive to investors.

Coal transition
Transitioning to a cleaner electricity system by phasing out pollution from coal-fired power generation.

Consumer protection
Protecting consumers from a volatile electricity market.
Stable electricity prices for Alberta families, farms, businesses and the economy.

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