Good news, says MP Viersen

The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling Oct. 13 is good news, says Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen.

The Supreme Court ruled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘No More Pipelines Act’ Bill C-69 is unconstitutional. Chief Justice of Canada, the Hon. Richard Wagner stated, “In my view, Parliament has plainly overstepped its constitutional competence in enacting this designated projects scheme.”

Viersen is pleased with the decision

“I am thrilled by this great news for Albertans and all of Canada,” he says. “We have fought this bill for years and it is time to get these projects moving forward for our families and communities.”

Viersen adds hundreds of billions of dollars of investment have fled Canada as a result and taken away paycheques for Canadian workers.

“We warned the Liberals that their plans to steamroll provinces and Indigenous peoples by giving themselves unprecedented power was unconstitutional,” says Viersen.

If elected, Viersen promises the Conservatives will repeal what is left of the law.

“We will bring back investment, remove the gatekeepers so we can green light green projects, bring home powerful paycheques, and make traditional and alternative sources of energy affordable and accessible for all Canadians.”

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