SPORTS – Girouxville’s Skating Rink Refurbishment set to proceed

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

A delegation from the Girouxville Enhancement Committee spoke with council seeking its approval and support regarding the committee’s plans for refurbishing Girouxville skating rink into a year round facility that everyone in the community of any age can enjoy.
Including Alex and Mark Brochu and Kim Girard who spoke with Girouxville council, the Enhancement Committee consists of six individuals who have been planning this project since last summer.
Once the committee had all the necessary information, it made its first presentation of the project to Girouxville town council in November.
The committee is now in the process of organizing fundraisers.
Since November, the committee has been busy getting quotes and estimates on the project and, as with most projects, the initial concept of the facility with badminton, basketball, volleyball and in the winter hockey, proved expensive and unfeasible.
Following discussion with the town Council and after requesting additional quotes from local companies, the committee is working on adding a full concrete pad.
In the warmer months, the concrete pad is suitable for floor hockey, badminton, basketball, etc. and will be flooded for an ice rink in the winter months.
New lighting and repainting the current rink boards will also be part of the project.
“The response from people in the community has been enthusiastic and really positive,” says Alex Brochu.
A full cement pad, which is 80 x 175ft, about 14,000 square feet will cost approximately $42,000.
Sand, gravel and labour are still to be determined but people have already approached the committee stating that they would happily donate some of the materials and volunteer to do some of the work.
“To help cover the cost of labour, we will need volunteers, “says Mark Brochu. “Judging by word of mouth lots of that is going to happen and if we stay with this plan, this project will probably be in the $75,000 to $80,000 ballpark. But prices could change.”
Council expressed interest in the rink refurbishment project back in November and are still supporting this project.
The Girouxville Enhancement Committee and Girouxville Council have met again since the January 13 meeting and plans are now underway to proceed with the project.
Considering it is early in the process with so many facets and contingencies to take into account, the committee estimates if things go according to plan, the work would begin on the project sometime next year.


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