Girouxville Council Notebook – May 11, 2016

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Bylaw No. 16 – 01

Bylaw No. 16-01 authorizes the rates of taxation to be levied against property within The Village Of Girouxville for the 2016 Taxation Year.
The Village of Girouxville has prepared and adopted detailed estimates of the municipal revenues and expenditures as required, at the Council meeting, May 11, 2016.
The estimated municipal expenditures and transfers set out in the budget for the Village of Girouxville for 2016 total $662,667.
The estimated revenues and transfers from all sources other than taxation is estimated $406,117. The balance of $256,951 is to be raised by general municipal taxation.

The requisitions are:
Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF):
Residential: $28,385.
Non-Residential: $8,839.
Total School Requisition: $37,224.
Heart River Housing: $2,281.

The Girouxville Council is required each year to levy on the assessed value of all property, tax rates sufficient to meet the estimated expenditures and the requisitions.
The Council is authorized to classify assessed property and to establish different rates of taxation in respect to each class of property subject to the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26.

The assessed value of all property in the Village of Girouxville as shown on the assessment roll:
Assessment Residential: $11,829,220.
Non-Residential: $2,492,750.
Farmland: $7,760.
Machinery and Equipment: $18,370.
Total: $14,348,100.

Under the authority of the Municipal Government Act, the Girouxville Council enacts as follows:
The Chief Administrative Officer is hereby authorized to levy the following rates of taxation on the assessed value of all property as shown on the assessment roll of the Village of Girouxville.

Bylaw No. 16-01

General Municipal:
Minimum tax: (Assessment) $500 – (Tax Rate) $9,833.



Heart River Housing:

Mill/Tax Rates:
$19.780 (.019780).
$20.928 (.020928).

This bylaw takes effect on the date of the third and final reading 11 May, 2016.

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