PIC – Grade 5 & 6 students at Ecole Heritage graduate DARE

Pictured above are the École Héritage Grade 5 & 6 DARE program graduates. The graduation took place on Monday, June 12 with DARE Instructor Cst. Guy Girard Lallemand in attendance. In front , from left, are Nadia Lavoie, Yannick Salaün, Henco Smit, Jalil Levesque, Alix Maisonneuve, Antoine Jacob and Gabriel Fillion. In the middle row, from left, are Zoé Roy, Janelle Beaudoin, Danika Aubin and Chelsea Fischer. In the back row, from left, are Ryan Carmichael, Rafael Soucy, Logan L’Abbe, Antoine Simon, Adrian and Denis Bouchard. In the far back is Constable Guy Girard-Lallemand of the McLennan RCMP Detachment.

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