The Falher Friendship Corner Association highlights its services for the public

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
Adults with disabilities as well as their families, have a variety of resources to draw on, courtesy of the Falher Friendship Corner Association.

Diane Dolhan is the Program Coordinator of the FFCA.

Dolhan says there is a lack of information about the agency and the individuals they support within the community.

The FFCA has become aware that there may be a lack of knowledge on who the community can contact when they witness an individual requiring assistance and/or is hurt.

“They should contact us immediately at one of the numbers provided below if they see something happen,” says Dolhan. Call one of the following numbers:
. Carol Labbe or Diane Dolhan at (780) 837-2153.
. Grandma’s Den, at (780) 837-2752.
. The FFCA residence, at (780) 837-2007.

About the Falher Friendship Corner Association
The Falher Friendship Corner Association is a non-profit organization that provides supports to persons with developmental disabilities.
The managing body of the Association is the board of directors, which is selected annually by election and appointment.
The board of directors has the responsibility for policy making and general planning for the association.
The same board also oversees the operation of the Grandma’s Den Thrift Shop, but this service is operated separately from the FFCA
As a non-profit organization, we have rules and regulations that we have to follow. In June 2016, Accommodation Standards did an inspection of the resident and we were in compliance.
In accordance with these rules and regulations, the association must also participate in a survey to ensure that our agency is performing at its best.
This survey is conduct by a government acknowledged organization called ACDS.
We are pleased to announce that in June 2016, we received an overall score of 92 per cent for services that were provided to our individuals, as well as to the association as a whole.

The FFCA provides three programs:
. Community Access (CA).
. Community Living – Residential (CL).
. Independent (IF).

The support provided to our individuals consists of:
. Assistance with safety – fire drills, street safety, home safety, emergency preparedness, etc.
. Transportation.
. Leisure time (paid and natural supports) – activities and events of their choice, vacation and holidays, relationships.
. Community inclusion – volunteering, employment, groups and schools.
. Assistance with medical care.
. Supports with behavioural concerns/issues.
. Providing supports and assistance to achieve goals and outcomes.
. Assistance with all daily living skills, including hygiene and formal paper work.

During the last year, our individuals have continued to enjoy some of the same activities as before, and some new activities:
. Bowling in Girouxville, Enilda and Valleyview.
. Ol’ Tyme Family Nite dances.
. Camp Tamarack.
. Concerts of their choice.
. Volunteering to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas.
. Putting up Smoky River FCSS posters.
. Vacations of their choice.
. Outings to In the Woods Animal Rescue near Marie Reine, to visit and play with the animals.
. Spending quality time at the 5 Star Golf Club.

Our staff is always looking for new and exciting activities to offer to the individuals, and then allow them to decide whether or not they want to attend.

The Falher Friendship Corner Association strives for the absolute best for our individuals. Therefore, we go above and beyond to provide quality services and as many opportunities to our individuals as possible.

The FFCA is also part of the volunteer community. We try to volunteer where there individuals are interested. They like to do so with Smoky River FCSS, randomly in the community on their own time. Recently, they volunteered at the churches in Falher and Tangent, the Falher library, Ecole Routhier and the play school, and In the Woods Animal Rescue. Our individuals like to help out where they can when it comes to their neighbours and friends.

The Falher Friendship Corner Association will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019, so watch for future stories about the event.

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