Former reeve Killeen passes away

Ken Killeen just before the 2001 municipal election.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The former reeve of the M.D. of Big Lakes, and long-time Kinuso councillor, Ken Killen passed away Sept. 6.
Killeen was 48 when elected in the 1995 municipal election after defeating long-time incumbent Rick McCotter. He would serve the M.D. of Big Lakes, and later Big Lakes County, for 27 straight years until he was defeated in the 2021 municipal election by Roberta Grace Hunt.
On Oct. 24, 2001, Killen was elected reeve of the M.D. by his fellow councillors. He would again be elected reeve after the 2004 election and served until council elected Myler Savill as reeve Oct. 26, 2005.
Due to his long service, Killeen served on almost every board during his tenure.
“Ken was a solid man,” remembers Hunt.
“The day after the election Ken came to my home and congratulated me on my win and gave me a big hug.”
Killeen had a long history of community service and involvement. He was president of the Spruce Point Park Association, served on the Kinuso Recreation Board and Swan River Gas Co-op the first six years of its inception. It was his involvement in the hamlet and area affairs that made him a magnet at the coffee shops as people gathered to discuss community affairs.
“He enjoyed his morning coffee and conversation with the farmers either at Strawberry (Service Restaurant) or Korner Kitchen,” remembers Hunt.
On occasion, Killeen would ask Hunt to make him a flapper pie.
“He served our community with pride and will be missed,” says Hunt.

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