Flashlight Night Spookiness this Saturday evening

The popular “Flashlight Night” returns to High Prairie’s EC Bar Ranch just outside of High Prairie this coming Saturday evening.

Hosts Denise and Lyndon Drefs say they and their ‘crew’ have been working hard to get the site ready for the evening’s Hallowe’en fun. This means in particular, the Hay Bale Maze, a completely enclosed walk-through that reminds one of the Haunted Houses from summer midways. Lyndon says it is tricky enough they have to guide guests through in groups.

“Every year we try to invest a few dollars in special displays and the animatronics and this year is no exception,” he says. “It’s really getting to be a nice display.”

Each year about a thousand adults and youngsters take part in the Hay Bale Maze, which has run for four years, and the Corn Maze, which has run for several more years beyond that. Lyndon says this year, wet weather and snow have not been kind to the corn stalks, which ususally grow to about 13 feet tall. “Plus, all the smoke from BC forest fires stunted the corn stalk growth. “But we still have a maze, he says.”

As far as popularity goes, the Drefs are hoping for a decent crowd. “The majority of our guests come from the Slave Lake and Falher-McLennan areas now. If the weather holds, we are hoping for good crowds.”

Admission is $10.00 per person. Even though warm weather is forecast, dress warm. Probably rubber boots are a good idea to have just in case.

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