PICs – First day of school in the Smoky River region, September 4

September 4 was the first day of classes for schools across Alberta. In the Smoky River region, elementary students arrived at Ecole Routhier, Ecole Heritage and Ecole Providence with enthusiasm or uncertainty, but they were made to feel welcome by their teachers and support staff. In the photo above are students in Donna Seier’s English and French Kindergarten class at Ecole Routhier – Jacob Yaremko, Chase & Hunter, Jadyn Aubin, Dymtro Ksendzuk, Connor Cloutier and Cassidy.
Above, a meme created by Ecole Heritage. Photo courtesy of Ecole Heritage.
Beau Bourgeois, a Grade 1 student at Heritage. Photo courtesy of Ecole Heritage.
Pictured above: Students arrive at McLennan’s Ecole Providence showing obvious enthusiasm.


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