Firemen lead splash park fundraising

Members of the Faust Volunteer Fire Department and area volunteers are fundraising to build a splash park at Faust. Left-right in front are children Marley Zatorski and Evander Zatorski. Back row, left-right, are Colebee Harding, Andrea Werner, Mike Zatorski , Melissa Gray ,Wendy Benson, Bert Stacey, Sandy Heroux, Dustin Seghers, George Baker and Robert Nygaard.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

During the heat wave this summer, Faust firemen decided to give everyone a break and sprayed cool water to give some welcome relief.
Then the conversation started. How about a spray park for the community? To make a long story short, Faust firemen decided to lead the project.
“One of the department members said, ‘Let’s build a spray park,’” says deputy fire chief George Baker.
“I don’t remember which one.”
To be called the Faust Volunteer Fire Department Spray Park, Baker says they will raise money by having a boat raffle as their first project. Local volunteers will help sell tickets. Money raised will be used to find matching grants.
“Now we look forward to it going ahead,” says Melissa Gray.
“We hope it will bring the community together,” adds Wendy Benson.
A location has already been determined, says Baker. The park will be built on the east side of the fire hall to take advantage of existing water and sewer lines. It saves the extra expense of building another water and/or sewer line.
Target date for building the park is the spring or summer of 2023.

A sign was erected on the west side of the Faust Fire Hall Sept. 7 to let the community know fundraising has started. Left-right are George Baker and Dustin Seghers.
During the summer, Faust firemen sprayed children with cool water during the heat wave. A welcome relief!

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