Firefighters train with new breathing equipment

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Smoky River Emergency Services has some new self-contained breathing apparatuses to work with.

Fire Chief Marcel Maure had the firefighters try out the new equipment at the fire hall in Falher in the evening of May 16.

“They’re all new self-contained breathing apparatuses to the department,” says the fire chief.

“Once we get the rest of them, they’ll be implemented on our fire trucks.”

The firefighters worked with eight new units, and 17 more are on order. The firefighters divided into two groups to try on the new equipment. The fire chief showed them how to put the new equipment on, use the breathing device and they walked around to get used to them.

Warning lights and sounds were evident, and he explained how to adjust or correct the way they were earing them.

This night wasn’t a regular training night for the firefighters. But Fire Chief Marcel Maure appreciated that they came in to familiarize themselves with the new equipment.

In other news, Smoky River Emergency Services will hold a Fire Smart demonstration and barbecue at the Five Star Golf Club. The fire department has received a $500 grant for this event.

Above, firefighters get used to putting on their new equipment for the first time.
Above, Fire Chief Marcel Maure shows the firefighters how to put on the new equipment and use the breathing device. They also had to walk around to get used to the new self-contained breathing apparatuses.


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