Fire department handled 17 calls for service in October

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Smoky River Emergency Services handled 17 calls for service in October. They are broken down as follows:

. One medical.
. One highway motor vehicle collision.
. Two non-highway motor vehicle collisions.
. Two STARS landings.
. Three calls for investigations.
. Six outdoor/vehicle fires.
. Two monitored alarms.

Fire Chief Marcel Maure discussed these items as part of his report to the M.D. council during their meeting on November 14. The fire department also visited Ecole Routhier on October 25 for their lunch program.

On October 13, firefighters assisted the staff at New Horizon Co-op with their food drive and handed out information about fire safety. This was part of National Fire Prevention Week activities.

Also, firefighters visited homes in Donnelly, Falher and McLennan for safety inspections and they will do so again next year.

In other news, the fire chief and two firefighters went to Florida for the pre-build of the M.D.’s new fire truck.


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