Fire hall’s stolen iPad recovered

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

An iPad stolen from the Harmon Valley Fire Hall has been recovered by police.

Northern Sunrise County fire chief Dave LeBlanc says RCMP made contact with a person suspected to have the iPad on April 21 and it was recovered without damages.

“However, it appears that the person was unaware the property was stolen as they handed it over with ease,” LeBlanc says.

RCMP still checked out the rest of the home to confirm there was no other suspected stolen property at the site.

Recent thefts at the Nampa and Harmon Valley fire halls have been expensive for local protective services. LeBlanc says losses from thefts at the two fire halls so far total $40,000.

“Plus, new security cameras in all three fire halls cost $11,000,” LeBlanc says.

Northern Sunrise County Protective Services has increased security at the St. Isidore/Three Creeks Fire Hall as well as the halls in Nampa and Harmon Valley.

Some of the items stolen from the Harmon Valley Fire Hall on April 16 include fire extinguishers, a Telus HUB, a First Aid kit, iPad, Fire Department portable radios and charger, Medical Responders kit and Automated External Defibrillator, several specialized rescue tools, Jaws of Life and fire axes.

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